What does lunch do?

We make things simple. 

We've got all the right ingredients to make your perfect lunch, big or small. 
The process is easy. LIke ordering lunch.
We love production. Whether it's Immersive, Websites, Microsites, Online Advertising, Mobile Applications, Social Media Campaigns, Integrated Campaigns, Installations, Think Tanks, Strategy, Illustration, Conceptual Design, Consulting, Agency Partnerships - you name it. 
We can do it. We love it.
If you're looking for something a la carte we do that too.
Animation, Illustration / Fine art, Character Creation/Design, Motion Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Production Management & Consultation, Sound Design/Composition, Strategy, Planning, Post Production, Flash Development, Technical Consulting, Technical Direction, Application Development, Hosting, Media Strategy and Consulting, Interactive Direction, Rich Media/Integrated Production (HD, Video, interactive video), Commercial and Long Format, we also offer Workshops, Recruitment and Digital Education.
We're on demand. So essentially you pay for what you get and what you use. You don’t pay markup. People always ask us about it, but we don't believe in it. We don't think you should have to pay hidden fees to get what you want. Pure. Simple. We put together a team or a resource based on your specific needs, to guarantee service levels and to ensure that only the best people, the right people, and most importantly only the people you need are working on your business.
We like to call it collaborative turnkey. 

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